Shout-Out to Our Packing Partners – NW Works

Shout-Out to Our Packing Partners – NW WorksI love connecting with new people – and the serendipity of where those initial hellos can lead.

A few years back, through my marketing business, I created a website for residences for adults with developmental disabilities. In capturing their stories – and the raw, emotion-filled stories of their parents – I felt that I was doing something truly useful.

At that time, I didn’t know that I’d get to see so many of these friendly faces again regularly at NW Works, providers of vocational training and employment opportunities for adults with disabilities.

Perfect partner for Jewish Holidays in a Box

Since our launch in 2011, NW Works has been the perfect partner for Jewish Holidays in a Box.

When I walk into the building, I am greeted by smiles and waves.

And I’ve watched as the NW Works clients assemble our games and kits so carefully – from folding the bright blue boxes to tucking colorful dreidels into mini ziplock bags to affixing the labels that let you know what you’re getting.

Our Hanukkah Family Fun Kit alone has over 30 individual components.

Thank you for your help

Every time you buy a game or kit from us, please know that I thank you and that NW Works thanks you — and that you are helping to provide jobs for these wonderful people.

This week, in fact, NW Works is starting to pack a brand new product for us for Passover — our Passover Seder Steps Follow-Along ––  that we can’t wait to share with you.

So when you see one, you’ll know the inside scoop: that a NW Works client counted out five boards, counted out five red pawns, put them into mini ziplok bags, added a bookmark, tucked it all into a translucent envelope, sealed it, and added the labels.

In honor of Jewish Disabilities Awareness Month, and with deep gratitude, we wanted to give a special shout-out of thanks to them!

Here’s another resource that might be helpful to you: Lisa Friedman’s

If you have found resources that have been especially helpful to you, please share them here.

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    • Ellen says

      Thanks so much, Peggy. I just visited your blog and got teary reading about the birth of your first great grandson (and reading many of your beautiful quotes). Congratulations!!

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