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PJ LibraryIf you haven’t discovered PJ Library, you are in for a huge treat.

This wonderful organization, a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, sends Jewish children’s literature and music to families across America – every month – for free.

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When I learned about this magical organization, I immediately signed up my daughter and her two little ones.

The first time our toddler grandson listened to the PJ library CD, he called to tell me that the version of “Hinei rakevet” (“Here’s  the train”) is different from the one that I taught him. In my version, there’s a part where you can hear the train chug-chug-chugging up the mountain slowly, then racing down the other side. He said he wanted to write to them to tell them! Ah, an early activist.

But he loves the songs!

Recently, I spent the afternoon with him and, partly to avoid taking his nap, he played his PJ Library CD for me, knowing I’d sing and dance around the room with him. The CD featured lots of recognizable melodies with new wording.

Learn Hebrew through song lyrics

This CD is charming and fun and sprinkled with Hebrew, so listeners start – totally naturally – to grow comfortable with the sound of the language, and they start to build vocabulary in context.

As of the date I’m writing this, PJ Library reports having mailed over 3.5 million – that’s million! – free books to families with children between 6 months and 5 to 8 years of age (depending on the community).

Don’t miss the video to see the difference this amazing organization has made in the lives of so many families. Ironically, the book you can see in the intro is one of my favorites – and is all wrapped up and ready to give the grands for their birthdays. Shhh! Don’t tell.

If you have kids between 6 months and 5 or 8, sign them up for PJ Library before you forget. http://pjlibrary.org.

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