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Passover Seder Steps Follow-Along

“As we played the game, I noticed that the kids seemed to be more attentive and asked more questions than they usually do. My youngest, in particular, struggles with reading and is much more of a visual learner, so the game was definitely a hit.”

Thank you,, for this wonderful review of our Passover Seder Steps Follow-Along. We are delighted that your experience is exactly the reason we created the game!

Jewish Holidays in a Box: Fun for the Whole Family

In our free e-book, “Celebrate Passover: How to Plan a Fun, Simple Seder,” we have lots of ideas about how to get your kids involved before and during the Seder.

To add more to your Passover Seder experience, we created Passover Seder Steps Follow-Along, a game designed to help kids four to 10 follow the Seder more closely and stay engaged with the progress.  And surprise – it helps adults, as well, because they, too, know exactly where we are in the journey of the evening.

Passover 2017 – Sunset, Monday, April 10 through nightfall, Tuesday, April 18

Here’s how it works:

We set up the board to look like stepping stones that carry you from step one to step 15. At six years old, our grandson was carefully moving his pawn from step to step. At step11, Shulchan Orech (Eat Dinner), I collected the boards from the table so we could put out the food. Our grandson then asked, “But Grandma, how will we know where to start again?” What a perfect question to help explain the seder (order) of the Seder.

In between the major steps, we sprinkled Passover images for kids to hunt and find, like frogs, Miriam dancing, matzah, sheep, and many others.

Before the Seder:

  • Help your kids prepare for what to expect. Perfect for whether you are hosting your own Seder or sharing with another family. If you do a quick test run, they will understand what’s coming so much better.
  • Teach them the key Seder symbols with the larger images — and ask them to go hunting for the mini images, like Moses in a basket, the frogs, and candlesticks.
  • Explore the suggested art activities to deepen their understanding, like creating 4 x 6 cards with the Seder steps written on them – and even decorated with pictures that represent each Seder step.

During the Seder:

  • “Kvell” with pride, as you see them move their red pawns from stepping stone to stepping stone, reinforcing the journey out of Egypt.
  • Invite one or more kids to be in charge of broadcasting when it’s time to move to the next step, using the ideas in the game. (In our home, the broadcaster position is coveted!)
  • Delight in how much more involved the kids and adults stay!

They are also great for your Sunday school Seder.

Help engage kids more at the Seder

Passover Seder Steps Follow-Along

Each set comes with:

  • 5 gloss-coated boards
  • 5 playing pawns
  • Instructions for how to use the game before and during the Seder

Praise for Passover Seder Steps Follow-Along

“I love the board and the illustrations are simply wonderful!”- Scott

“Love it! You’ve perfectly balanced the choose-your-own adventure and follow-the-leader aspects of the Seder Steps — and in quite a whimsical way.”- Ken

“I like how you have left room for personal creativity, and at the same time, made the game complete enough not to have to add to it.” – Hannah

“We purchased these for our Seder and I gave away a few. It was great to have something interactive for the kids.” – Mark

“This is a solid winner . . . great look and feel to the game and it does the trick of teaching the steps of the Seder without becoming heavy handed . . . this is terrific!” – Rabbi S.


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