Olives for Hanukkah

Looking for new, lighter Hanukkah foods to eat after a few nights of tender brisket and scrumptious latkes?

Since the oil in our menorahs – and the essence of the 8-day-miracle – comes from olives, why not “embrace” the olive during Hanukkah?

Before next season, I hope to have a more comprehensive list of options. For now, though, here are some starter ideas:

  • Orange Olive Oil Cake. I found a recipe for olive cake in a Mediterranean cookbook. It combines black and/or green olives with flour, eggs, sugar, milk, and olive oil. And this idea spurred me to look further, leading me to this wonderful-sounding Orange Olive Oil Cake recipe.
  • Olive Hors D’oeuvre. For your Hanukkah party, consider olive tapenade with crackers or plates of mixed green and black olives. To continue the healthy twist, add a bowl of oranges or Clementines.

I can tell that I’ve just scratched the surface of the possibilities. Feel free to share your olive discoveries!

B’-tayavon.  (Good appetite!)

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