No-More-Excuses Matzah Ball Soup

If you don’t have time to make soup from scratch, enjoy this simple version.

I’ve decided that 2013 is the right time to get back into the kitchen.

It’s been about a decade since I made dinner regularly. Embarrassing? Oh yeah. But true.

Early efforts this year have included keema curry with ground turkey, an avocado/orange/red onion salad on a bed of fresh spinach, mushroom soup with splashes of vermouth and dry sherry, and sautéed carrots and leaks with thyme.

Still, no recipe gets my attention for more than a moment if it takes too long. I’m just not there yet.

One of our daughters makes matzah ball soup every Friday night. When I hedged, she assured me how simple it can be – especially if I’m not starting from scratch.

Wonder of wonders: armed with a box of matzah ball mix and excellent chicken stock, I was able to serve soothing bowls of soup, as the flames from the Shabbat candles flickered and danced. Time from start to simmering: maybe 20 minutes.

I sautéed chopped onion in a little olive oil, added the broth, along with dill and sliced carrots. Then added the kneidlach (matzah balls).

So the message to me – anyone else who is tight on time – yes, you can!

(To those of you who’ve encouraged me to try making challah again, after my one failure in graduate school, it’s on the list!)

What have you learned or re-learned in the kitchen to enhance your Shabbat?

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