Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Matzah?

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Making Passover more fun for your family

When I was in college, a Jewish friend named Rose decided that she was going to use Passover as a time period to shed a few pounds – by not eating any carbs. She ate only a little matzah at the Seder. For the remaining days, since she already wasn’t eating bread or white rice, it was easier for her to follow through on her decision. And it worked!

She did not take part in the annual feast of matzah and sweet butter. Of matzah and cheese sandwiches. Of matzah brei.

Passover 2017 – Sunset, Monday, April 10 through nightfall, Tuesday, April 18

And I’m guessing that she didn’t suffer with the, ahem, personal issue of what can happen when you eat too much matzah. Who here remembers the antidote to too much matzah? Stewed fruit used to be the classic dessert during Passover. You know – that mixture of stewed prunes, apricots, and raisins. If you need a recipe, here’s one from

Why matzah?

Matzah, or unleavened bread, is a reminder of the food that was hastily prepared and eaten by the Jews leaving Egypt during the Exodus.

The Israelites didn’t have time to let dough rise. So they mixed flour and water, creating flat, yeast-free crackers to nourish them on their journey.

Want to make matzah yourself? Well, you’ve got precisely 18 minutes. Whaaat? Hametz, any fermented grain product, is prohibited during Passover. And fermentation takes place within 18 minutes after the cut grain is mixed with liquid.  Want to try it? Matzah Baking, an 18-Minute Project.

What else to do with matzah?

Here are some sites you can explore if you’re ready to use your matzah differently.

From – 7 ways to eat matzo when you’re sick of it, including matzo nachos, whole wheat matzo maple granola, and matzo hot dog bites.

From – 25 delicious ways to use matzoh, complete with gorgeous pictures of strawberry rhubarb compote with matzoh streusel, caramel matzoh crunch, and apple-matzoh kugel.

From – 27 better ways to eat matzo this Passover, like Passover granola, dark chocolate coconut banana vegan matzo brei, and savory matzo brei with roasted pappers, olives and parsley.

Wishing you and yours a Chag Sameach – Happy Passover!

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