How Do You Celebrate Hanukkah?

Just had a great question – why don’t you create a Hanukkah box for parents who go into their children’s public school classrooms to explain the holiday.

Hmm. I realized that our Hanukkah Helper Box is perfect for that (though, honestly, I hadn’t thought of that when we developed the concept).

You get a menorah that you can let all the kids handle (it won’t break if it’s dropped), a whole box of candles so everyone can look at them up close, gelt, dreidels, a brief explanation of the holiday, plus blessings and song sheets.

For classes where you can be interactive, the recipe for edible dreidels is great, with its 4 ingredients, no cooking required. So if a mom brings the ingredients, the activity can be making those edible dreidels!

Thanks to Rebecca S for helping me realize this!

Hanukkah party-in-a-box

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