Hanukkah Kitchen Fun

Make Hanukkah breakfast extra funI’ve pulled together a few of my favorite and super easy Hanukkah kitchen ideas to share with you. Enjoy!

A super simple one is to get Hanukkah cookies cutters to use with breakfast pancakes. When the kids are six and up, they can help cut the shapes.

Hanukkah starts Saturday, December 24th.

Pretzel Rod Candles

Pretzel Rod Candles

Pretzel Rod Candles

My daughter made these cute pretzel rod candles a few years back. Delish and easy to make.

Here’s what she did:

  1. Dipped pretzels into melted chocolate (melted in Mason jars in a slow cooker in a water bath),
  2. Placed them on parchment paper.
  3. Drizzled them with melted white chocolate from a squirt bottle.
  4. Added sprinkles. For your little ones, their part would be adding the sprinkles.

Then have the kids count out enough to make a whole “menorah” of pretzel rods. Place the rods on flat platters or cookie sheets. If you want, add an orange or red candy to the top, as the flame. Peppermints or orange gummy rounds would work well.

To make the “shamash,” ask your kids to offer ideas of what they can imagine for how to make this one taller. You’ll probably get a variety of inspired answers.

After you light the real candles, enjoy these crunchy, sweet treats.

Edible Menorahs 

Build an edible menorah with your children

Edible Menorah

I came up with the idea for an edible menorah when our grandchildren were with us, when I realized that we could stack doughnut holes on top of brownie squares.

No surprise – I wasn’t the first person to think of this! For ideas to make a doughnut menorah, Nutella-and-marshmallow menorah, and more, check out my article “Incredible Edible Hanukkiyot – Easy to Make (and Eat!) with Young Children” in ReformJudaism.org.

For today, I’ll encourage you to try a fruit or veggie menorah.

I’m a big fan of food art. Making patterns, faces, animals, and entire scenes with fruits and veggies can be endlessly creative. This concept can easily be adapted to an edible hanukkiyah design that lies flat on a plate; no need to figure out how to stand it up.

Let the kids go wild with the options: alternate carrot, celery, and zucchini sticks for candles; use red grapes or cherry tomatoes for flames; use whole carrots as candles and kiwi rounds or halved strawberries for flames… Your children will surely help you think of more options!

Hanukkah Game for (Almost) All Ages

Hanukkah games, Hanukkah toys

Hanukkah Bingo Playing Cards

Hanukkah Bingo Game is the fun game for parents, grandparents and children 2 and up. You can play with friends and family – Jewish or not. Everyone learns fast. It’s great for pre-readers, too. You can play many quick rounds, so that you have lots of winners.


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