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Hanukkah Games Box

Looking to jazz up your home for Hanukkah? Here are a few pieces of Judaica that make me smile.

The first candle of Hanukkah is Saturday, December 24th.

Pop Art Dreidels 

I discovered Rabbi Yitzchok Moully’s pop art collection at a recent URJ convention. What struck me immediately is the strong use of bold, vibrant colors.

Several of the pieces are specifically holiday-themed, including the dreidel art (with a stack of gelt in the lower right-hand corner), hamentashen art (with one bagel half in the lower right-hand corner!), and apple art (with honey in the lower right-hand corner).

According to his website, the Dreidles, the first of his holiday series piece, is a limited edition print in acrylic and ink on canvas, 54” x 54”.

Gecko Menorah

We discovered this adorable gecko menorah at FairTradeJudaica.com that simply tickled our grandsons!

What amazed me was that our 3-year-old knew it was a gecko when he pulled it out of the box!

One note: we learned right away that the regular-size Hanukkah candles were a bit too small for the holders. Fortunately, we had a batch of creamy beeswax candles that fit perfectly.

Tzedakah Box for Shabbat

When I was looking for a tzedakah box, I wanted something that would carry memories. Given the sweet (rambunctious) little boys in our lives, I also wanted to find something unbreakable – and that wouldn’t crush anyone’s toe if dropped.

When I saw this Yair Emanuel House Tzedakah Box with Jerusalem Depictions, with the slot for coins at the tippy top of the roof, I was sold.

Turning it around slowly to enjoy each part of the artwork, I discovered its cute little door, with the word Tzedakah (in Hebrew) under the door. A little metal latch opens to allow you to take out the coins.

An accompanying card says that artist Yair Emanuel lives and works in Jerusalem and that each wooden article is “hand-painted with a brush using acrylic colors and then lacquered.” Ah, that’s why the colors are so vibrant and happy.

Hanukkah Family Games 

Fun for the whole familyOur Hanukkah Games Box is now just $19.99 from Amazon – free shipping for Prime members.  Fun for parents, grandparents, and children 3 and up, you get a  great assortment of  games and coloring activities. It also makes the perfect gift. Comes with:

  • Hanukkah Bingo Game for 4 players + 1 caller
  • 8 Dreidels + Playing Instructions
  • Menorah Cut-and-Color Activity
  • Design-Your-Own Hanukkah Banner


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