Hanukkah DIY Gifts

Hanukkah PartyA great gift to give your children is to encourage them to create presents for friends and family, instead of buying them. Think simple, loving, homemade.

Hanukkah starts on Saturday, December 24th.

Here are three ideas:

Goodies in Glass Jars 

If you save jelly jars, you’re in luck. Or you can pick some jars up at a hobby store. Depending on their size and shape, fill them with:

  1. Mixed candies
  2. Hot cocoa mix
  3. Honey
  4. Individual spices (e.g., cinnamon sticks or bay leaves)
  5. Spice mix (with recipe ideas that go with that kind of spice mix)

One year, a friend gave me ingredients to make my own oatmeal cookies. She layered the ingredients in a glass jar, tied it with a bow, then added the recipe. Beautiful!

Do you have little ones who want to help make gifts for Daddy or Grandma? Filling jars with wrapped candies – the perfect project!

Pretty Boxes or Baskets 

You can always bake Hanukkah cookies and offer batches as gifts. In my experience, kids 5 and up have more fun with this than younger children. Don’t have the time for this?

Three quick steps to another food gift:

  1. Choose 3 or 4 pieces of beautiful fruit – pears, apples, oranges – and have the kids wrap them in tin foil.
  2. Place the fruit in the bottom of a basket or box.
  3. Give the kids walnuts or mixed nuts in their shells to sprinkle over the fruit.
  4. If you also have chocolate gelt wrapped in gold foil, give your helpers five to 10 of those to add on top for extra color and goodness.
  5. If the basket is deep enough, you don’t even need to cover with anything. If the contents are bursting out, you can cover with cellophane.

Don’t forget to snap a picture of the completed gift with the maker.

Hanukkah Art for Gifts and Decoration 

Download our free  Happy Hanukkah Art & Activity Pak. Then gather the kids ‘round the kitchen table to make a host of Hanukkah art to give to Grandma and Grandpa. Or use the images to make Hanukkah gift tags and cards – or decorate your walls and windows with the coloring pages.

You can also create your own banner by using the design-your-own banner, inviting the kids to color in the letters with crayons, markers, glitter glue (oh, I love glitter glue!), or even paint (if you print on paper that is heavy enough).

Get Hanukkah Party Ready

Hanukkah Games

Hanukkah Bingo Game

With our popular Hanukkah Bingo Game, you are ready for party fun with everyone from 2-year-olds to the grandparents and great-grands! Each game goes fast, so you can play multiple rounds with LOTS of winners! (Secret: the coveted spot is the caller!)

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