Hanukkah Decorations for Kids of All Ages

Hanukkah Decorations for Kids of All AgesEight days! It’s hard to totally miss Hanukkah. Even if we’re not 100% ready on the first night, we’ve got a whole week to catch up.

And with Hanukkah starting with Thanksgiving weekend this year, there will likely be plenty of coloring / creation time in your home for little hands.

Our Happy Hanukkah Art & Activity Pak is your ready-made source for a mix of four-color and ready-to-color black and white illustrations.

You can also pull together your own images to inspire your young artists. Just search online for Hanukkah images to color.

Hanukkah triple play

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Making easy Hanukkah decorations

Invite your kids to:

  • Decorate walls and windows with Hanukkah drawings
  • Jazz up packages you’re giving friends and family with Hanukkah images
  • Make Hanukkah cards

Supply your artists with crayons, markers, glitter glue, and glue sticks – and watch them go to town.

For our Happy Hanukkah Art & Activity packet, we chose classic Hanukkah symbols: a variety of menorahs, a Jewish star, gelt, dreidels, presents, flames, candles, and jelly doughnuts.

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String up a Happy Hanukkah banner

Our Happy Hanukkah Art & Activity Pak also includes pages to create a 6-foot long Happy Hanukkah banner that a whole group can color. Or you can make your own.

We put two letters on each 8-1/2 x 11 page, so each person gets to color at least two letters. Our banner has places to hole-punch, so that you can string ribbon through the whole banner. That way, when you hang it by the ribbon, it flutters above your other celebrations. (Our Hanukkah Games Box includes the banner pages and the ribbon.)

And if you think that coloring is only fun for kids, think again! I hosted a Sisterhood tea for our synagogue and  while one group made edible dreidels, the other group made the most magnificent banner – really beautiful!  Very impressive.

While we have a store-bought, glittery banner, too, I so much prefer the ones that we create as a group.

This year, we’re also planning to add pictures culled from magazines of Thanksgiving symbols: maple leaves, ears of corn, Pilgrim hats, canoes, and so on. I’m really excited for the unique opportunity this year. Can you tell?!

Happy Hanukkah!

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