Hanukkah Countdown – 40 Days

November 2014Once I flip my wall o’ calendars to November, I always feel the strong end-of-year wind at my back. It’s exciting. It’s sobering. It’s hang-on-for-the-ride time.

For us, in addition to the potlucks and invitations to local events, it’s who is hosting Thanksgiving? Who is coming for end-of-year visits? And when can we get together to celebrate Hanukkah?

Even though we’re not into tons of gifting, I already feel a little better having inaugurated a spiral notebook to make notes on gifts from us, gifts we buy from my mother for her great-grands, and — eventually, I hope! — plans for some  “freezes beautifully” advance cooking.

This year, to help you and me not wait until the last minute to make or buy gifts, I’ll be sending weekly posts with some of my favorite things, specials on Jewish Holidays in a Box products, and fun finds I’ve discovered from the scads of blogs I follow.

This week’s faves: books for kids

I’ve written about all of these books in our blog, so you can search the blog to find out why I like them. Or just check out the reviews online.

This week’s special

Celebrate Hanukkah

Celebrate Hanukkah: How to Light Up Your Holiday. Use code NOV6 at check-out for 50% off. Good through 11/13. Usually $4.97. Now $2.49.

Your turn

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