Hanukkah Core Concept – Oil

Potato LatkesCongrats to Angela W., winner of night five in our Hanukkah Surprise Pack.

One of the surprises in Liora’s pack is a 2-sided laminated card with Hanukkah Songs. Reusable year after year to help remind everyone of the key Hanukkah songs to sing after you light the candles.  (Available in Hanukkah Helper Box, Hanukkah in a Box, and Hanukkah CD Tutorial.)

We mentioned previously the three key Hanukkah concepts that we think are good starting points to discuss with young children: light, miracle, and oil. Here are links to posts about light and miracle.

 One small jug of oil

 When you think about oil at Hanukkah, you immediately think of frying latkes (potato pancakes).  You can also make or buy jelly doughnuts, which are fried in oil. And you can have a discussion about how amazed the Maccabees must have been to see that the oil from the one small jug burned for eight days.

But you can really take this idea further by getting a menorah that burns oil.  There are lots of choices in stores. See Do you love your Menorah? for some options we’ve explored.

You can also make a menorah that burns oil.  Some  options to look into are Green Menorah Guide and aPARENTly Speaking.

There’s also an interesting book called Harvest of Light by Allison Ofanasky.  Good for grades 1 -3, it takes you through the steps of how an Israeli family harvests olives to be processed into oil.  And the story is told from the daughter’s perspective of gathering and sorting the olives to pressing them and then, finally, using that special oil to light the menorah.

This book also helps underscore nature’s role in providing for us — and our role in nurturing the process.

Our tent keeps expanding

One benefit of building the Jewish Holidays in a Box community is connecting with people and media outlets that we’d probably never have discovered otherwise.

We are grateful to:

  • interfaithfamily.comfor co-posting our blog “Customize Your Hanukkah Celebrations” on November 1, 2012
  • joi.org for helping us spread the word to their Mother’s Circle members under Resources for Mothers / Holiday Resources on November 19, 2012
  • Mom Always Finds Out for their blog post, “Hanukkah Help for Families” on November 1, 2012 [don’t you love the name of this blog?!]

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