Hamentaschen in Four Easy Steps

Kids love the jelly-filled hamentaschen!I’ve often shied away from recipes that require rolling pins as too time-consuming. (I did surprise myself by successfully making the cutest dog and teddy bear cookies a few months ago. But I had a goal: to have cookies for some very special children to frost and decorate.)

For Purim, though, I see recipe after recipe that calls for rolling out the dough to a particular thickness, then using glasses to cut out perfect circles.

Sure, that’s an option.

But if you’ve been putting off baking hamentaschen – for yourself or with your children – because you want to keep the rolling pin where it belongs (i.e., lost in a drawer somewhere), do it the simple way, in four easy steps:

  1. Make small balls of dough in the palms of your hands.
  2. Press them down into a circle-like shape with the heels of your hands. 
  3. Add a little filling.
  4. Crimp the three sides together to form triangles.

Even kids as young as 3 and 4 can make their own hamentaschen this way!

This is a wonderful time to encourage creativity — new fillings, new sizes.  When our daughter was 8, she began to “specialize” in making tiny hamentaschen.  So fun!

*Favorite fillings:
Classic fillings are prune or poppy seed (mohn).  But kids often prefer strawberry, apricot, or other jams, as well as chocolate morsels.  Also super popular:  hamentaschen with Nutella!

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