Easy Shabbat Meals For Summer

Long summer days. Heat rising as soon as the sun comes up.  Kids home from school.  Who wants to Shabbat Meals in Summer Can be Easyspend long hours in the kitchen over hot pots and hotter ovens preparing for Shabbat?

And yet, July and August are the perfect months for leisurely Friday night dinners.

So what’s the answer? Keep it simple. Make easy Shabbat meals in the summer.

Friend Dali Rivera just published an e-book, “Delicious & Wholesome Recipes for the Parentpreneur,” with a host of simple and healthy summer meals that might provide inspiration for you.

Easy Shabbat recipes

Here are three that especially intrigue me:

Avocado Mango Salad (p. 23) – I like the idea of including something interesting, fresh for Friday night.  (See tips in the recipe for how to cut an avocado easily. I just learned this!)

Yogurt Blueberry Muffins (p. 5) – This is a perfect Saturday morning treat. It’s even easy to eat on a back porch, as your family plans the day’s activities. Let the birds nosh up the crumbs.

Minty Fresh Quinoa Salad (p. 16-17) – You can fix most of this delicious dish ahead of time, popping in the avocado and maybe mint right before serving. It makes a light, satisfying dish for Saturday lunch. Chop up any cold, leftover salmon or chicken to put on top – and you have a whole meal. We have a gigantic mint plant exploding on the back deck. So I pulled some leaves from that and loved the flavor!

Maple Glazed Chai Popcorn (p. 35) – You can serve this dish as a lovely family snack while you play games together or settle in front of a movie. Whether or not you do a Havdalah ceremony at home Saturday evening, you’ll enjoy the spice fragrances – cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves.


Good memories start in the kitchen

When Dali invited me to contribute a recipe, I thought immediately of cottage cheese pancakes – long a favorite of our children and now our grandchildren.

In writing up the story of these pancakes (p. 10), I had this huge aha moment.

My connection to these nutritious, filling little treats came from when my Bubbe used to make them for me.  

My grandmother, z’l, used to make me cottage cheese pancakes with farmer’s cheese. I loved being with her in that warm kitchen. I can still see my smiling Bubbe wearing a flowered apron, as she set a plate of fresh pancakes onto the white porcelain-topped table with the bright red trim.

What memories do you have of being in the kitchen with your grandmother?

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