Chopped-Style Contest for Shavuot

How many of you watch the Food Network TV show called Chopped?

Here, the chefs are challenged to take a mystery basket of ingredients and create tempting concoctions in a really short amount of time. Usually, there are between three and five ingredients and each cook must use all of them.

The ingredients on Chopped can be quite bizarre – from cotton candy to gummy snakes to cuttlefish to duck parts.

But let’s change up the Chopped challenge a little for Shavuot.

What meal can you make – taking however long you like – using all of the Seven Species fruits from Shavuot?

  1. Barley
  2. Dates
  3. Figs
  4. Grapes
  5. Olives
  6. Pomegranates
  7. Wheat

Here are the rules:

  1. Use all of the ingredients in a single meal, not necessarily in a single dish.
  2. Add any other ingredients you like.
  3. Extra points for using other Israeli-grown fruits and veggies (e.g., oranges, avocados, mangoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and cherries).

What can you come up with? Please share your meal suggestion by May 31st in the comments below!

I’ll post the dinner choices on Facebook and let people vote on the menu they like best. And we’ll send a prize to the winner.

Thanks for playing!


  1. says

    I decided to play, too. So imagine that it’s a Shavuot afternoon.
    You are gathered with friends on a porch, on a lovely spring day.

    For starters, you serve:
    (1) Pomegranate juice and seltzer; you could spike this, depending on the crowd
    (2) Wheat crackers with cheeses and dried dates and figs; fresh figs would be even better, if you could get them

    Main course:
    (3) Grilled salmon with olive relish
    (4) Sugar snap pea & barley salad
    (5) Grilled veggies (such as tomatoes and peppers)

    (6) Cheesecake garnished with red grapes

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