Celebrate Passover: How to Plan a Fun, Simple Seder

Seder planning simplified Coming up with new twists on our “usual” Seder is great fun for me.

I like adding a bluegrass song here. A play there. A few scallions on plates that we use as whips, reinforcing that we are no longer slaves.

Regardless of what I change up each year, though, I do a very simple Seder. Because that’s what works with our family.

Seder Planning Made Easy

If you are looking for ways to help plan an easy Seder, with more joy and less stress, then our new 36-page downloadable guide is for you.

It’s called “Celebrate Passover: How to Plan a Fun, Simple Seder.”

We’re offering the 3-part downloadable package – PDF + 2 MP3s – for $4.99 (with an introductory price of $2.99 before March 15th).

This guide will help you:

  •  Share 3 core Passover concepts with young children
  • Organize your Seder around the 15 steps in every Haggadah
  • Understand the key Seder symbols
  • Shop faster at the grocery store
  • Figure out what to prepare the day ahead
  • Set the Seder table using our handy checklist
  • Involve children during the Seder
  • Build anticipation for the Seder with the Family Discussion Guide

Free Audio Bonuses

The 36-page guide comes with two free audio components as bonuses:

1. A 10-minute overview of Seder planning, to help you wrap your head around the possibilities, before you dive into details.

2. A Passover tutorial – with how to pronounce a lot of the key Seder parts, including a practice part for you!  Learn how to pronounce the names of the 15 Seder steps, the 10 plagues, 8 of the blessings, the introduction to the Four Questions, and more.

Start to build powerful, positive memories this year with your family.  Buy and download this guide now to save you hours of planning!


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