Building Anticipation for Sukkot

Building a sukkah“Is It Sukkot Yet?” is a brand new hard cover book by Chris Barash, pictures by Alessandra Psacharopulo designed for young children, 3-6.

With a focus on all the senses, the story uses an echoing of the phrase, “Sukkot is on its way,” as it shares the tale of a family in a pastoral setting getting ready for the holiday. With lovely stylized images on each page – from gardens and fences, to trees and birds, squirrels and dogs, wagons, and so on, the color palette is all about fall, with lots of reds, oranges, browns, greens, golds.

Because of the short amount of copy on each page (some of it rhyming: “when big gourds and pumpkins are placed on the ground, And colorful streamers are hung all around . . .”), the book lends itself nicely to a relaxed discussion about what your child sees on each page.

For example, one page shows the family engaged in making decorations that are then added to the completed, cozy sukkah.

The lovely ending is about sleeping in the sukkah:

“When the sunlight’s grown dim as it quickly turns night

And we’re snug in our sukkah with moonbeams for light. . .”

Sukkot 2016 starts the evening of Sunday, October 16th.

Rosh Hashanah Bingo Boards

Rosh Hashanah Bingo Boards

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