Black Friday Specials & Hanukkah in Motion

Celebrate ThanksgivingHappy Thanksgiving!

My favorite part of all holidays is celebrating with the little ones. If there’s laughter and mess and happy noise, so much the better!

Here are two easy ideas to keep your kids out of their chairs and in motion out during Hanukkah celebrations in your home.

Warning: if you’re prone to headaches around loudness, you might rethink the first idea!


Hanukkah parade

If your crew needs to work out excess energy before family dinner, invite everyone to participate in a Hanukkah parade. Crank up some upbeat Hanukkah tunes (like The Maccabeats Candlelights), hand out kid-friendly instruments (e.g., drums, tambourines, castanets, maracas), and march around your home. Babes in arms love it, too. And you can probably convince most adults at your celebration to participate. We’ve had a pretty good success rate.

Plan to take turns with who leads. In our home, many ages have clamored to “be the leader!”


Hanukkah charades

Still got energy to burn before PJ time? Play Hanukkah charades.

Kids as young as three or four can play. And, honestly, they are often much better at pretend — and much less inhibited –than their ‘rents and grand’rents.

The hard part is getting across the idea that they don’t tell us what they are pretending to be. Otherwise, what you’ll hear is, “Look at me, Daddy. I’m a dreidel!”

Divide into two teams, so that there is at least one person older than seven on each team to provide guidance. To prepare for the game, have older kids or adults sketch pictures of nine Hanukkah symbols (the number of candles) on 3 x 5 cards.

Choose easy-to-draw symbols, like a candle, piece of gelt, menorah, doughnut, dreidel, Hanukkah cookie, olives (that turn into olive oil) or a cruet of olive oil, and wrapped present. Or, if you have our Hanukkah Bingo Game, just use the playing cards from that.

Turn the stack face down, so that each team cannot see what they are choosing. Give the easier clues to the younger kids, like a candle or dreidel. For adults, see what they can do for olive oil!


Black Friday Specials

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 Hoping that your Thanksgiving weekend includes family and friends and good food.

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