After-Hanukkah Glow Plus Gelt Hot Cocoa

Chocolate gelt hot cocoaFirst, a huge thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of Jewish Holidays in a Box!

This includes everyone who bought our Hanukkah products, the editors and bloggers who gave us shout-outs and did giveaways for us, and our wonderful Facebook fans and blog subscribers.

We have a few Hanukkah in a Box Family Fun Kits left on, if you’d like to get a jump on next year at a great price.

So what’s left to do before you pack up your Hanukkah dreidels and memories until next year?

#1 Clean your menorahs (or not)

Got wax on your menorahs and wondering how to get it off? I’ve always used the “submerge-in-hot-water” approach.

Here are other methods, as well, from Tablet Magazine

And, in this same article in Tablet Magazine comes a suggestion I quite like:  clean only what’s necessary to put in candles next year, because every drip of wax is a memory. I love it! Too bad I read this part only after ours were cleaned.

#2 Make creamy gelt cocoa

If you’re like us, you have a good stash of leftover chocolate gelt. And while you might be able to save your gelt for next year’s dreidel games, you might prefer knowing that the gelt people nosh (eat) is fresh and not a remnant from a Hanukkah past.

So consider making gelt cocoa to warm these wintry nights. This Spiced Hot Chocolate recipe comes with a kick of cayenne, plus nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves.

#3 Create an all-star treat

Or try this Chocolate Cranberry Cake with a Gelt Glaze from While blogger and foodie Amy Kritzer came up with this for Thanksgivukkah, it’s a delicious, seasonal treat using cranberries that you can find now in the grocery store. Plus, I love a recipe with pictures.

Shout-outs of thanks for the shout-outs

Thanks to Staten Island Parent for running a giveaway for our Hanukkah Bingo Games —  and to these publications:

  •, “Ten creative themes for holiday parties,” December 6, 2013. Molly Cerreta Smith. Read more . . .
  •, “Thankful for Thanksgivukkah,” December 4, 2013. Rachel Teichman. Read more . . . 
  • Mayahood, “Hanukkah Arts & Crafts Activities in a Box,” November 26, 2013. Maya Fitzpatrick.  Read more . . . 
  • Jewish Exponent, ” ‘Unplugged’ Gifts to Inspire Creativity,” November 14, 2013. Elyse Glickman. Read more . . . 
  • Winchester Star, “Area Resident Develops Jewish Holidays in a Box for Celebrations,” November 22, 2013. Van Van Meter. Read more . . 

For links to other press from this season, click here. 

As 2013 starts to wind down, we hope that you have some relaxing family time coming your way.

Got pix to share from your Thanksgivukkah celebrations? Send ’em our way.

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