40 Days Until Hanukkah – and Shehecheyanu

Here we are at 40 days until Hanukkah — until the first night when we add the Shehecheyanu to our blessings.

So today’s Union for Reform Judaism’s “10 Minutes of Torah” comes at a nice time, in that it gives us three versions of the blessing to enjoy.

On our CD Tutorial, we offer the classic melody.

Here is another version that we love – a version launched in 1973 by Israeli composer Tzvika Pik at that year’s 1973 Chassidic Song Festival. media.urj.org/educate/blessings/ShehecheyanuPik.mp3

Listening to any version of Shehecheyanu — the prayer that acknowledges our gratitude for being alive — is nice to listen to and gets us in the Hanukkah spirit!

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