3 Ways to Make Passover More Purposeful

Thanks to Nina Manolson, M.A.,  Holistic Health Coach, Psychology of Eating Coach, and founder of Soulful and Smokin’ Hot Mom, for this post.

My favorite metaphor of Passover is that of leaving “a narrow place” (Mitzrayim/Egypt, means narrows) and stepping into freedom. Just like birth, we have to sometimes squeeze through a tight spot to get to where we are destined.

Isn’t that the truth?!

How many times have you felt like there was a struggle, or growing pains just before you step into a deeper knowing of yourself, or a growth in your creativity?

It’s the nature of things, as we become aware of what limits us – and what constricts us – we also feel our deep need for freedom, and for change.

Passover is the perfect time to step into this process of renewal.  In fact, many of our Passover traditions reflect this idea of getting a fresh start. We’re supposed to clean our house – give it a nice makeover. We eat parsley and eggs to signify the coming of spring – the rebirth of the land. It’s all about stepping into a fresh start.

So, how about bringing that fresh start home to ourselves? How about Passover with a personal purpose.

Here are 3 ways to make your Passover more personally meaningful.

1.      Get clear on what your Mitzrayim (narrow place) is.

The only way to get to where you want to go is to know where you are currently. So, what’s holding you back? Where are you feeling enslaved in your life? Acknowledging the places that make you feel tight points you in the right direction.

2.     Incorporate habits and practices that support an inner experience of freedom.

Our feelings of freedom, of flow and fluidity, come from an inner experience of ease and peace. We can cultivate these feelings by stilling the constant chatter in the brain, and by steering our mind to positive thoughts. Cultivating a mediation practice, as well as a gratitude practice will foster an experience of inner freedom.

3.      Clean up your inner-house…your body

What we eat deeply impacts our sense of freedom and ease in life. Many of us are carrying extra weight, which makes us feel imprisoned in our body. Many of us are always either tightly controlling what we eat – or judging what we ate – which is its own kind of emotional prison.  As a Holistic Health Coach, I often hear how people feel like they are at war with their food and body, and ensnared in a painful pattern with their cravings.

What we want is a positive and healthy relationship with our food and our body. Passover is the perfect time to step into clean and healthy eating, so that we can walk into the freshness of spring feeling fabulous.

To support you in stepping into a purposeful and healthy Passover, I have 5 delicious and healthy recipes for you

And, if you want to have the support and guidance to truly use this Passover as a way to step into feeling good in your body and at peace with yourself, I invite you to join me for my online program:  “From Matzah to Mindful: 8 Days of Soulful Nutrition and Spiritual Renewal”


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