Rosie Revere Engineer – #JewishBookFun4Kids – #4

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Rosie Revere Engineer, written by Andrea Beauty and illustrated by David Roberts, was totally new to me, until our reading specialist daughter, Laura Pajor, mentioned it. And now, I’m crazy about it. It’s written in comfortable verse (not forced, not over simplified). “This is the story of Rosie Revere,                               who dreamed of becoming a great engineer.” Little Rosie wants to build amazing things. So during the day, she looks in the trash for bits and pieces she can use in her creations. At night, she makes “gadgets and gizmos,” which she tucks under her bed, so that no … [Read more...]

Harold and the Purple Crayon – #JewishBookFun4Kids #3


Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crocket Johnson holds a special place in my heart, because I used to read it to our daughter. And, I have a confession to make. One night, while I was reading it to Sarah for maybe the 10th time, I had an “aha” moment that stopped me. Cold. I realized what an absolutely amazing story this is. Yet, like many of you (I’m guessing), I was double-tasking in my head. While I was reading words and turning pages, I was also making mental lists of lunches to assemble, forms to fill out, laundry to fold. In the process, I had missed the nuance and the wonder. Never … [Read more...]

Blueberries for Sal – #JewishBookFun4Kids – #2


In this Caledecott Honor book, author Robert McCloskey tells the story of a mom and her little girl named Sal who have an unexpected adventure with a Mama Bear and her cub. Both pairs are on a mountain searching for blueberries. Sal’s mom wants to pick a big tin pail full of juicy berries to can for the winter. Sal can only think about filling her tummy with the berries right now.  Mama Bear and baby also want to fill up their tummies – also to prepare for the winter ahead. In this tale, with a whole section that is reminiscent of P.D. Eastman’s “Are You My Mother?,” Sal and her Mom get … [Read more...]

Miss Rumphius – #JewishBookFun4Kids #1

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Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney has a magical cadence that, just maybe, inspired our daughter to travel widely and to plant flowers – including  lupines. The story begins, “The Lupine Lady lives in a small house overlooking the sea. In between the rocks around her house grow blue and purple and rose-colored flowers.” As a little girl, Alice lived by the sea, where she watched sailing ships. In fact, her grandfather had come to America on one of these ships. He was an artist, making figureheads for the prows of ships and painting pictures. Sometimes, Alice helped him paint in the … [Read more...]

Introducing SummerBookFun4Kids

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Are you part of a book club? I didn’t have time to join one till our kids were older, so you might be in that “don’t I wish” place. But now, I love the motivation to read books that I might not otherwise have chosen – and then meet with nice people to discuss them. What I always made time for, though, was reading to our children. I have wonderful memories of bedtime cuddling. You know the Amelia Bedelia stories? My kids often chose those. But the lilting cadence of “Amelia Bedelia” made me doze off. So I told the girls, “Yes, I’ll read that one. But I have to say “AB” instead of “Amelia … [Read more...]