Tu B’Shevat – Make It All About the Trees

Tu B’Shevat 2015

For centuries, artists (and photographers like me!) have tried to capture the beauty and majesty of trees.  So to have a holiday where we can honor them makes a lovely break from the gray days of winter. Check out Max Greenberg's take on the celebration in his article with the funny title from the National Wildlife Federation, “How to Celebrate New Year’s for the Trees, OR: Obscure Jewish Holiday of the Month.” As the article shares, many Americans who celebrate focus on the seven species of foods that the Torah tell us were grown in ancient Israel, including grapes, figs, dates, … [Read more...]

What Are Your 2014 Hanukkah Stories?

Chanukah Banner

So what happened in your home for Hanukkah? Every year is unique – different people, different gatherings, different moments. For the past three years, we've gotten groups together to make the fun Happy Hanukkah Banner (shown above). This banner had the loving touch and creative inspiration of five different artists. We had a wilder-than-usual Hanukkah party one evening, with lots of laughter and a great deal of running around. On the plus side We discovered: Yes, 2-year-olds can play both dreidel and Hanukkah Bingo and have fun! Yes, 9-year-olds who are brand new to … [Read more...]

Shabbat In a Mason Jar

New way to celebrate Jewishly

With huge thanks to Alissa Mroz for this wonderful post about Shabbat in a Mason Jar.  When I read about the project, I was so intrigued, I asked her to share the concept with us. Thanks, Alissa! Alissa Mroz is on the volunteer leadership team of "The Porch," a young adults and young families Jewish group through Temple Beth El. As a Southern Jew, she likes fried chicken for Shabbat dinner! She is a graduate of the Bernstein Leadership Group and remains active in Charlotte's Jewish community. Think Outside the Box and Inside a Mason Jar! In the South, we are all about the Mason jar!  At … [Read more...]

Thank You for Being You

Celebrating Jewishly means more than ever now

As 2014 winds to a close, I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to meet – both virtually and face-to-face – so many wonderful, inspiring, encouraging people from around the world through JewishHolidaysInABox. This community allows me to be so much of who I am, as I hope to help nourish Jewish and interfaith families looking for ways to celebrate Jewishly with more joy. At the end of a day-long Joy Workshop I took last summer with the amazing Mado Reid, I summarized the core of what makes me tick into these descriptors: creative, entrepreneur, achiever, teacher/tutor, learner, … [Read more...]

Tips for Intergenerational Cooking

Hanukkah kitchen fun

With huge thanks to Shayna Marmar of honeypiecooking.com for this wonderful post about bringing the generations together in the kitchen!   It is as sweet as sufganiyot when loved ones can be together during holiday celebrations. Chanukah lends itself to intergenerational quality time, yet sometimes it can be challenging to find an activity that appeals to a mixed-age crowd. Cooking is a meaningful and fun way to unite children and adults of all ages. Set up a table for a small group with all needed supplies and ingredients. This includes a small trash bowl if needed, dishtowels for wiping … [Read more...]